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Color Style Studio 2.49

Color design package for multiple types of objects
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This professional designer's package contains multiple color schemes for painting and decorating various objects. Select the object by uploading a photo or a model of the real-life original and edit the design scheme for a house, a room, an art piece, etc.

If you are planning to paint or decorate your house, and you want to know how it will look like with the new color combinations, then Color Style Studio can help you. It is a nice application specially created for interior designers and also very useful for painters or artists.

With this application you will be able to apply different colors and styles to your interrior, and in this way, look and determinate which color combination is the most suitable. These combinations can be applied not only to interior objects, but also to external ones like cars, sofas, lamps, etc.

Besides, you will find more than 80 photos of houses with different styles that will serve you as examples to try your own combinations. You will be able to upload your own photos and work on them as you want.

This innovator program can help you a lot before making important decisions about color combinations and styles, and not only for your own projects, but also for your customers'. This application is ideal for designers, architects, painters, and people interested in interior design.

If you have tried a former version of this program, in version 2.4 you will find that there are more sets (about 80) to work on. Besides, other enhancements have been added, and minor bugs have been fixed.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • You can compare many color combinations


  • It crashes sometimes
  • Uploading photos is not an easy process
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